1 Information and visibility

1.1. Visibility

1.2. Media and information materials

Information leaflet


Cross-border recommandation

Village bus

1.3. Stakeholder meeting, exchange of experiences

2 Project and financial management

2.1. Project start-up

2.2. Project coordination

2.3. Financial coordination

2.4. Reporting


3 Cross-border regional survey

3.1 Data collection, state-of the art analysis

3.2 Questionnaire drafting and finalisation

3.3 Organisation of the survey

3.4 Analysis of the data from the survey


Preliminary study

Questionnaire HU


Final report

4 Cross-border local survey

4.1 Data collection, state-of the art analysis

4.2 Questionnaire drafting and finalisation

4.3 Organisation of the survey

4.4 Analysis of the data from the survey

Preliminary studies


Questionnaire DE

Final report

Final report_Austria

5 Recommendations

5.1 Recommendations for regional shopping mobility

5.2 Recommendations for local shopping mobility

5.3 Supplement to existing studies


EMAH study supplement

Mikro-ÖV study

Shopping habits study

6 Pilot projects

6.1 Cross-border pilot

6.2 Hungarian and Austrian pilot

6.3 Integration of a pilot project to a possible project proposal

Cross-border pilot

Village bus pilot

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